Class Descriptions

Wellspring Dance Academy offers dance classes for ages 3 through adult in Creative Movement, Dance Fundamentals, Modern, Hip Hop, and Contemporary Ballet from beginner through advanced levels.

Weekly classes run throughout the academic year. During the summer months, we hold camps and intensives as well as weekly adult  classes.

Creative Movement using the parachute.

Creative Movement I & II

Ages 3 - 4. This highly active class encourages creativity and builds body awareness through stretching, movement, and basic locomotor exercises. ‘Creative Movement’ builds interpersonal social and spatial skills, introduces dance terminology, and is a lot of fun! Students who have mastered skills in Creative Movement I will be placed in Creative Movement II. 30 minutes.

Dance Fundamentals students jump using scarves.

Dance Fundamentals I & II

Ages 5 - 6. This class encourages creativity and helps build body awareness, and it introduces the young student to the fundamental dance techniques of both Modern Dance and Ballet which are explored with longer phrasing and more attention to detail.  Dance Fundamentals prepares students for future technique classes as they discover the excitement of dance. Students who have mastered skills in Dance Fundamentals I will be placed in Dance Fundamentals II. 40 minutes.

Rachel leads the students in an exercise across the floor.


Ages 7 - Adult. Modern technique classes are focused on the foundations of Modern Dance, based in the Hawkins, Graham, Limòn, Cunningham and Horton techniques. Body alignment, strength, flexibility and stamina are developed, and rhythm studies and musicality are studied. The basic elements of dance are explored through composition and improvisation studies that are precursors to choreography and continue to cultivate the creativity of the individual. Class placement is determined by age or at the recommendation of the instructor. 60 & 90 minute classes.

Remi teaches a combination in Hip Hop class.

Hip Hop

Ages 7 - 15. This class is an introduction into the history of Hip Hop Culture with a primary focus on movement. Students will learn basic Hip Hop terminology and short dance phrases and combinations. This class is appropriate for the novice dancer. This high energy style encompasses syncopated movements including popping, breaking and footwork. There will also be a concentration on musicality, rhythmicity and stage presence. The goal of this class is to build a solid foundation to execute a repertory performance piece of original choreography of Hip Hop dance. Warm-ups include group floor work, stretching and free movement. Although this is a repertory class, we will spend four sessions learning “social dance”, including but not limited to popular viral dance challenges. 60 minutes.

Students at the barre in Contemporary Ballet class.

Contemporary Ballet

Ages 7 - Adult. Contemporary Ballet is a dance form which is based in classical ballet and incorporates modern, post-modern, and contemporary dance techniques. Classes include floor and barre exercises followed by center and across-the-floor combinations. Contemporary Ballet classes teach the technique of classical ballet for contemporary/modern dancers in a nurturing, non-competitive (yet rigorous) environment. Body strength, flexibility and stamina are developed and rhythm studies and musicality are studied. Body alignment and placement are taught from a somatic approach. 60 & 90 minute classes.