Student Concert of Dance

Each spring, we showcase the talents of our Dance Academy students in a Student Concert of Dance which is typically presented in the Wellspring Theater. In many cases, our students not only perform, but are also part of the choreographic process. Family and friends are invited to purchase tickets to support their dancer and see the growth they have experienced over the course of their instruction at the Wellspring Dance Academy. 

At the Wellspring Dance Academy, we strive to make access to quality dance instruction accessible to all who desire the opportunity. Therefore, there are no extra fees related to performing in our student concert. Costumes are either provided from the Wellspring Costume closet OR students are asked to wear items that are common to most wardrobes (i.e. black leggings/pants/shorts and a yellow shirt). We also keep ticket prices for our student concerts as low as possible. 

We believe that having the opportunity to perform onstage is an important part of the dance education process, however, we offer students the opportunity to opt out of our concert in June. We also offer a variety of opt-in performance options throughout the year. 

Visit our Events Page for details on upcoming performances.