Who We Are


Based in Kalmazoo, MI and founded in 1981 by Cori Terry, Wellspring brings the best of modern dance performance and education to Southwest Michigan.

Rachel leads a Modern class in an exercise across the floor. Photo: Amelia Falk

Rachel leads a Modern class in an exercise across the floor. Photo: Amelia Falk

When you start classes at Wellspring Dance Academy, you’re joining a lineage of artistic excellence. Wellspring Artistic Director Cori Terry studied and performed with one of the most influential figures in modern dance, Erick Hawkins. This experience and the training she received firmly established her among an elite group of nationally-acclaimed professional dancers.

Our teaching faculty is primarily comprised of company members from Wellspring/Cori Terry & Dancers, one of Michigan's premiere modern dance ensembles. Students and parents get a chance to see their teachers perform in our fall and spring company shows. It's an important piece of their development as people and as dancers to watch these high-level performances. It inspires them to ‘think beyond’, to question their own limits, and to see what’s possible.

Because of our sense of community and small classes, students get to develop socially and learn that it's safe and fun to express themselves creatively. Whether you're just trying dance out for the first time or interested in dancing professionally, Wellspring welcomes you.


Cori Terry, Founder & Artistic Director

Kate Yancho, Executive Director

Katherine O’Donnell, Program Assistant

Dasan Mitchell, Academy Coordinator, Company Member, and Instructor

Lisa Poole-Woldring, Facility Coordinator

April Woodward-Slack, Finance Coordinator

Jasmine Clark, Instructor

James Felton, Instructor

Remi Harrington, Instructor

Hannah Liddicoat, Instructor

Carolyn Rabbers, Company Member/Instructor

Jasmine Statzer, Company Member/Instructor